Lesson #18: The Power of Article Marketing

Promoting our website through articles is going to be the primary strategy we use to build our rankings in the search engines and drive tons of traffic to our sites. Why? Simply because article marketing has proven itself to be an incredibly effective and simple way of marketing a website and quickly building search rankings. This lesson will cover the basics of why article marketing works, and then explore my process for easily creating top rankings with articles.


Article marketing is the method of writing an article on your topic (yes! more articles!) and submitting them to sites that are specifically built for displaying articles like these. In return for giving the directory your article for free, they allow you to place a link or two at the bottom of the article. And remember how important links are? Essentially, links are what determine how much traffic you receive from the search engines.

Here is an example article from one of the largest directories, EzineArticles:


This is exactly what we will be doing. Creating an account on this site and submitting an article like this one. Notice how the last sentence of this article contains blue links that say “reverse mortgage”– I hope by now you are beginning to understand why. Thismarketer is looking to show up higher on Google when someone types in the term “reverse mortgage”.

Benefits of Article Marketing

Article marketing has been around forever, but in recent years it has really taken the internet marketing world by storm. It has become the method of choice for website promoters everywhere. This is no accident. I would say that right now, and for the foreseeable future, article marketing is the single most effective tactic for developing a long-term stream of visitors to your website. The benefits are just too strong to be ignored. This is just a sampling of the benefits of article marketing:

  • It is totally free and easy for anyone to preform
  • These links have been proven time and time again to clearly improve your search rankings. There are some types of backlinks that are almost ignored, but these links achieve quality results – fast.
  • You can submit one article to 5-10 different article websites. This gives you 5-10 different links from just one article.
  • Finally, when you submit your articles to these websites, you are giving anyone else permission to repost them on their sites as long as they leave the links intact. This means that your one article could end up giving you links from 2, 5, 20 different website. Exponentially increasing the benefits.

My Method of Article Marketing

There are some minor differences in the way people use article marketing. Here I am going to give you my method that has produced incredible results for me.

First you must, of course, write an article. These should be at least 300 words (that is the minimum that will be accepted by these article directory sites). It is also important to make sure that they are talking about your general subject. They donʼt need to be super-focused on exactly your site topic, but they should be written about your main theme.

Once you have a 300-word article completely written, we are going to add 2 links in the footer. This part might be scary if you have never done it before, so follow closely. When you are posting your article, you have the option of adding an “author resource box” at the end. This is where you add your links, you cannot add them anywhere else. I will show you exactly how to do this right now. The code for a link looks like this:

<a href=”http://YourSite.com”>Your Keyword</a>

Use that format exactly, but replace yoursite.com with your own .com and Your Keyword with the keyword that we found in the last lesson on SEO (the same thing as your homepage title). That will show up as a link when it is posted with the article.

I said that we were going to include two links. The first one should always be your homepage, that is most important. But you will want to rotate the second link between all of the other article pages on your site, which should be about 15-20. You can use that same format as posted above. Just replace yoursite.com with yoursite.com/page-2 or whatever it is when you view that page. And then replace Your Keyword with that pageʼs title.

For example, if you had a page called Learn How to Knit that was located at yoursite.com/learn-how-to-knit, your link would look like this:

<a href=”http://yoursite.com/learn-how-to-knit”>Learn How to Knit</a>

Got that?

The next step is to register for accounts at the article directories. I recommend that you stick with these 3 directories, visit them now and create accounts:

• http://ezinearticles.com/submit/
• http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/signup.cgi
• http://www.articledashboard.com/signup.php

Now, with your article and the links ready to go, we are able to submit them to these directories. Login to your accounts on the three sites above and copy/paste your articleand the author resource box where appropriate (on some sites you will paste them all into the “body” area, others have specific areas for the article content and resource box – follow their instructions). Be sure to check the preview link to make sure everything was formatted correctly and that your links actually go to your site when clicked. That is important.

Submit the article, and you should have an email from the directory in a few days notifying you that your article is being displayed on their site.

NOTE: You can submit each article to all of these sites, that is totally acceptable. I recommend that you do, in fact, submit all of your articles to all of these sites. But you do not have to. You can choose just one per article if you like. The most influential of the bunch is EzineArticles, so if you submit your article to only one site, make sure it is EzineArticles.com.


I suggest that when your site is brand new, you submit 10-20 articles all at once to give your site a strong boost. Then, you must continue this process to maintain and improve your rankings. As a general rule, between 1-2 articles every week should be fine. This means that once we are done with this course, you will need to commit about 1 hour per week to write and submit an article to the directories – and a little more time to cash your checks :).

Rewriting Articles

Hereʼs some good news: to give your site that initial 15-20 article boost, you can rewrite the articles that you have already written for your website. Rewriting? Yes, rewriting iswhen you take the article you have, change up the title, reword half of the sentences, reorder the paragraphs and call it a brand new article. Rewriting can be done in 5 minutes rather than 30 for an article from scratch.

This should be the first step in your article marketing efforts. Hopefully you have all of your articles saved on your computer. Copy that folder and rename it to something like directory articles. Then open each one and spend 5-10 minutes rewriting that article like I mentioned in the paragraph above. Include the resource box links back to your site that we made earlier, and save this article.

Once you have completed this with all 15-20 of your articles, work on submitting them to the three websites listed above. This will give your website a quick and strong start to help you rank fast and start getting traffic in just days from now.

Purchasing Articles

Finally I want to talk about having this service preformed by someone else. For most of the article marketing I do, I have someone else write the article and submit it to the directories for me. I recommend that you at least do a handful on your own to understand the process, and you are absolutely welcome to do them all yourself, of course. But it may make sense to have someone else do this work for you. You can have a quality article both written and submitted to over 50 (not just 3) article directories for about $25 each. I actually have a secret weapon in this area. It is a little-known company that offers insanely cheap SEO and article marketing services. I have used them dozens of times and their work is completed on time and with outstanding quality. You can visit their website here:


Note: They also have a lot of other marketing services as well, which Iʼll refer to again in a future lesson.

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