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I want to thank you for visiting our site dedicated to internet marketing articles! You have probably signed up because you are ready to take the next step towards freedom and prosperity in your life. This course will teach you the skills you need to do just that.

If you follow the instructions given over the next 24 articles in this series, you will have a powerful new website that can make you hundreds of dollars per week. Not to mention, you will have the incredible new skill-set of building and marketing websites – a skill you can profit from for the rest of your life. Thank you again for signing up. I am looking forward to helping you create more success in your life.

Letʼs get started!

Our Goal With This series of articles

Before we ever leave the dock, it is important to choose which port we are sailing towards, so to speak. This series is designed to help you build one website that has the potential to generate $200 or more per week. This is the goal that I have laid out for the course and I recommend that you follow along with it. Why? Because I KNOW that every person reading this material has the ability to create $200 per week from a website.

If you are thinking (“Pssh! $200? I can make $2,000 a week!”). Yes, I know you can. But in order to get to $2,000 we have to go through $200 first, right? Donʼt think of this as our upper limit. $200 might be the first stepping stone on our journey to even bigger things. With the skills and confidence of $200/week behind you, you can easily create 10 more websites just like the first ($2,000 per week!). I teach you how to expand your network in later lessons. Right now, it all starts with this first step of $200 per week. Can we agree on that? Good.

Series Outline

Let me start with a little background on myself and where this course came from. I have spent the last 5 years learning how to successfully develop and market websites for profit. During this time I have made many failures and have taken many wrong turns. But through my own trial and error, and by modeling how others have succeeded, I was able to develop a proven system that works. Not only has it worked for me, but for hundreds of people who are making a full-time living online. This course is based on that system and as you learn this material over the next 12 weeks, you too will develop all of the skills you need to succeed online.

The course is divided into 24 lessons. Assuming that you are starting from absolutely nothing, you will have a powerful website that you can be proud to own within 12 weeks. You will learn how to build, promote, and profit from your website. Before the course is over, you should be well on your way to $200/week.

What You Will Need

One of the great things about my system is how little you need to get started. You donʼt need to have complex programming skills, you donʼt need a marketing degree, you donʼt need fancy computers, and you donʼt need a ton of money, either. All that you truly need is a desire to succeed and some basic computer skills. To be specific:

  • A computer with internet connection (PC or Mac both work fine).
  • Basic computer skills (i.e. web browsing, copy & paste, familiarity with using the internet, etc.).
  • Minimal writing skills, and I do stress minimal. Nothing fancy, but a basic ability to write clearly.
  • $8 per year to register your own .com and $5 a month or so for web hosting (seriously, thatʼs all you need to invest. There might be other products that I use to speed up the process, but this is the bare minimum, and of course you have the option of free solutions but it will not be very professional).
  • Most importantly, you need a determination to learn the skills and a hunger to succeed.

Thatʼs it! You can handle that, right?

Learning With a Friend

I have found that learning is a much more rewarding process when it is done with others. I often challenge a friend to learn with me and we have a friendly race to see who can succeed first. This is invaluable to the learning process.

Having the ability to discuss material with others and work on projects together is truly beneficial. I strongly suggest that you invite a friend, associate, or family member to take this course with you.

Simply forward our website link to your co-worker or just suggest them to search for us on Google!

Final Notes

I am assuming that you have no previous experience with this type of internet business. There may be occasions where I purposely leave a concept vague in one lesson because we will cover it in detail later on. For example, we donʼt even get to the process of making money for several weeks. Because of this, I am asking you to bear with me at times. If you donʼt fully understand a concept at first, read the material again. If you still donʼt get it, there is a good chance that it will all come together later on. Just take what is presented at face value and continue on. Can we do that?

Next, I want to make it very clear that I believe strongly in providing legitimate value through any internet business that you undertake. There are tons of ways to scam people online, but you can never sleep well making money that way. Therefore, I will never teach you to build or promote your websites in a way that is unethical or otherwise “scammy”. In addition to making a profitable website, my system will teach you how to provide insight and value to your visitors. Win-win situations are what it is all about.

Finally I want to mention that I provide you with completely free access to me, anytime. If you have a question about any particular lesson, feel free to email me at: khaleal [at] hotmail.com. If you would like me to take a look at your site design, or anything else weʼre working on in this course, I am happy to personally help you succeed however I can.

Update: Lesson 2: The Mindset of Success

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