Squidoo is a website that permits people to make pages known as lenses, for topic that grip an attention to others. Squidoo can be used the same line as blog page, but with extra characteristics to make money. Squidoo is the top 500 most visited website in the globe, and in the top 300 most viewed in the USA. The customers, who make the pages known as lenses, are known as “Lensmaster”. The website can be used to market anything- as long as person does not fake.

The squidoo lenses are much similar to blog pages, but the pages are about one single niche. The website permits people to make revenue from referral links to websites, such as eBay and Amazon. Squidoo is set up through a person PayPal ID. The payment plan is set up to have 50% goes to the Lensmaster, 5% of the income to go to charity, and 45% goes to squidoo. You have the choice to either set your ID to have the income to pay to yourself, or you can set up the ID to spill the finance with a charity of your selection. Many internet marketers use Squidoo to advertise affiliate links to make money. A person can make from any of the 22 different niches, including food, health, cooking, medicine, and business.

Squidoo has characteristics that permit people to post Amazon products, photos, videos, link from other sites.  A person can even set up he or she own store with different website, and attach that to their squidoo lens page to earn finance.  Squidoo also, has characteristic for adding a Google search engine blog search, RSS feeds, Flickr photos, and extra text choices for more content.

If you understand how to post a blog with quality content, you can simply post something best with squidoo, and make substantial revenue. You can even invite people to visit your lens to get more brand knowledge about your firm. Also, if you understand how to earn the name and your content of your lens keyword rich, you can rank top with Google search engine. Using squidoo can be very useful for a persons business; it can be very beneficial to charities, as well.

Squidoo also has a website-wide Amazon affiliate ID too. The finance from this pool is not crack between the tires. Website splits the finance earned via Amazon with the real lensmaster who made the page that made the sale.

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