The Mindset of Success

Congratulations on making it to lesson 2! I know, I know – youʼre dying to get started building your website and generating profits, but first, we need to take a quick detour…

Iʼm not here to sugar coat this process or delude you in any way – there will be times when this business is hard, when nothing seems to be going your way and when you feel like quitting. These are natural states that we all experience. The secret is to not give in to them. You must learn how to combat these feelings and take action anyways.

There is one thing that I can guarantee you with absolute certainty. If you do not take the steps presented in this course, you will not achieve the results. So now, before we ever get started, we are going to setup a system that will train your mind to follow through with this course. This way, your success will become automatic and you will take action even when you might not feel like it.

Trust me, follow through with this material and you will look back with pride at what you have accomplished.

Reviewing Our Goal

I cannot stress how important it is to have a clear objective in mind before you begin. So, letʼs review our goal with this course:

We determined in lesson 1 that our first objective is to create one website that will generate $200 per week of revenue for you. To put that in perspective, this is over $10,000 of extra income every year from one simple website that will take you under 12 weeks to build. Isnʼt it worth 30-60 minutes per night for 12 weeks to learn a new skill that will allow you to enjoy more freedom and prosperity for years to come?

Before we can get into the nitty-gritty of building your site (next lesson), this lesson is going to cover two specific concepts to help you succeed: training your mind for success, and setting up systems for followthrough.

Training Your Mind

It would be silly for athletes to expect that they could just wake up the day of their event and compete with no training. The same concept applies to the mental game of success. If you have negative thoughts about your chances of success with this course (i.e. “Iʼm not smart enough”, “It will never work for me”, “Iʼve tried before and failed”) we are now going to train your mind to STOP focusing on these thoughts. I can give you all the best info in the world, but with thoughts like those you WILL NOT succeed. So pay attention this section – it is crucial for your success.

No matter where you are starting from, I want you to do two things over the next few days:

Number One. Take 3 index cards and write the same thing on all 3: “I Own a Website That Earns Me $200 Per Week of Extra Income”. Feel free to reword this in a way that makes sense for you. Now, youʼre going to tape these to places that you look often: your car dashboard, bathroom mirror, in the kitchen, next to your computer, etc. Anywhere that you will see them multiple times per day.

Number Two. Take 15 minutes every day and go somewhere where you will not be bothered. Then, close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine that you already make $200 of extra income per week from your website. There will be a number of positive changes. Notice these, see them in your mind. Feel how proud you are of yourself to have created this extra income all on your own. How proud you are to have this new skill. Imagine the checks coming regularly.

They may sound silly, but these two techniques WORK. Itʼs that simple. This course canʼt get into all of the details, but these two changes will, in a sense, smooth out the road for your success. By the way, they work for anything, so feel free to use these techniques in other areas of your life, too.

The index cards automatically reinforce the idea that you CAN succeed. And since you see them all day long, the idea is continually going through your mind. The visualization focuses your mind on the goal you have set and helps you prepare the way for success.

NOTE: This is obviously a very basic introduction. This course cannot cover the topics of motivation and success in depth. If you want to explore this area further, watch this amazing free video from Tony Robbins talking with 2 internet multi-millionaires. This video truly changed the way I think about achievement and success. You can view that by clicking here:

Systems for Followthrough

Much of the things that we do in life are simply habits that have been conditioned by repetition. We can use this to our advantage, but most of the time we do not. Many of our habits are negative and destructive. We have habits of negative thoughts, overeating, wasting time, etc.

Your very success with this course will depend on whether or not you take the actions that I prescribe. Why not take advantage of this incredible power of habits, and use it for our own good?

Every day, set aside 45 minutes to read this material, do research, or take the steps that I outline. During the first few days it will be difficult, and you may have to push yourself a bit. It may be hard to stop watching LOST and begin working on this material. But little by little, it will become easier. And after 2 weeks, it will be a conditioned habit that you simply cannot leave out of your daily routine. That is a great position to be in.

The course is designed to help you succeed in that way. It is setup so that you can spend a little time each day: learning the material in one day and applying the steps over the next 2-3 days. Make this a daily habit and your success becomes automatic. With your system, you no longer need to force yourself to act, it will just come naturally. Then, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.

I want to repeat what I said at the beginning of this lesson. You will have challenges and there will be times when you do not feel like working on this material. But you will never get the results you want if you do not take the action. And again, isnʼt your longterm success worth 45 minutes per night for 12 weeks? By the end of this time, you will have developed a valuable skill that you can be proud of.

 UPDATE: Lesson 3: Niches – Finding Your Personal Gold Mine

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