Lesson #19: Link Building Techniques That Work

Article marketing will account for at least 80% of your marketing efforts. The other 20% should be a combination of the following techniques discussed below. Consider articles to be primary and these to be supplementary. They give your marketing efforts diversity and extra influence that can make a big difference in the search engines:

Social Bookmarks

Over the last several years, “social bookmarking” has become very popular. Digg.com is the best example of a social bookmarking site. You can submit a link to a webpage and others can vote on it, with the idea that the cream rises to the top and all of the most important stories are shown on the homepage. Those that do make the homepage receive many thousands of visits. With our sites, we probably wonʼt be making the homepage, but when you submit your pages, you do receive a free backlink which is what we are after.

This is another service that I strongly recommend you hire someone else to do. For about $10, you can have WL Marketing submit your URL to 80 different sites, which is really all you need. If you do want to brave this challenge yourself, this is a great list of sites that you may be able to submit your site to:


NOTE: You can also submit several pages to each of these sites (or have WL Marketing do this for multiple pages). Instead of just submitting your homepage, go back and submit 2-3 of your other article pages that you created for your site. This will give you even more links and better results.

Directory Submissions

Just like there are directories for articles, there are directories that simply give links back to websites. One such site is http://www.dmoz.org/. If you visit that site you will see that there are thousands of unique categories and dozens of sites within each. Think of website directories as a way to find sites before search engines existed.

You will honestly almost never receive any visitors from these sites, but you can receive a free backlink that will help you rank higher in the search engines.

It would take you literally hundreds of hours to submit your site to 300+ website directories, but WL Marketing offers 300 directory submissions for $18. If you can afford that, I recommend you do it. It will help your rankings slightly. However, I would certainly not recommend that you try to create directory links on your own, it is simply not worth the effort. Your time would be better spent writing and submitting articles.

Press Releases

Typically a press release will be used to announce a breakthrough product from a big company, but there are hidden SEO benefits of using a press release. Itʼs easy to write (or have WL Marketing write) a simple press release just announcing your siteʼs launch and explaining what content you offer. Then, you include 2-3 links to your siteʼs pages just like with article marketing.

You can do this yourself, just write a 300-500 word article in a news-like tone announcing what your site has to offer. And make sure you include 2-3 links back to your site as we described in the previous lesson. Then submit that release to some of these sites:


But again, to have your press release written and submitted to 50 press release sites for about $35 by WL Marketing is a no-brainer to me.

Forum Signatures

Finally, another somewhat unconventional area of quality links is from forums or message boards. For example, click on any one of these threads:


Notice how under each personʼs reply they usually have some kind of a link back to their website. Each time they make a post, it adds another link. This can seriously help with your overall strategy for building links. If you are currently a member of any forums, go to the user CP area and follow their instructions to add a footer with your link.

An Aside About Webmaster Forums…

If you are not a member of any forums, you are missing out. I would not know what I know today without the help of forums built specifically to help internet marketers like ourselves. By far the most helpful and informative forum is http://warriorforum.com/. The people here are serious, successful and willing to help. I recommend that you register for a free account, add your site to your signature, and start interacting with other users there.

If you read something in this course that doesnʼt make sense to you, or you would like to discuss a certain topic more, post it on this forum and you will have dozens of intelligent people giving you quality replies. Once you are completed with this course, that should be your primary source of growing your knowledge.

Outsourcing this Work

As you can tell, I highly recommend that you outsource most of the work mentioned in this lesson. Itʼs cheap to outsource and not always practical to do yourself. WL Marketing preforms most of the services mentioned above.

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