Lesson #22: Keeping Your Focus and Motivation

We have officially made it to lesson 22. You have completed over 10 weeks of this course. After this, only 2 more lessons to go and you are DONE. In this lesson I want to take a step back to see how far we have come and what we have learned so far. Then, I want to give you some pertinent advice on how to keep your focus for the months and years ahead. Finally, I will offer some tips on staying motivated as you grow and advance in your business.

The Progress We Have Made Together

Letʼs recap the distance that we have covered in just 10 weeks:

• We have learned how to research and choose a website niche
• We have bought and setup a domain name and a hosting account
• We have built a website using WordPress and HostGator
• We have designed and customized our WordPress website
• We have chosen content topics and written custom articles for our website
• We have learned all the different ways of making money online
• We have setup two profit sources on our site: AdSense and Affiliate Programs
• We have learned the ins and outs of online marketing
• We have learned the basics of SEO and setup ways to optimize our site
• We have created and submitted articles to article directories for SEO
• We have learned and used other ways to build backlinks to our website
• We have learned how to outsource when our business gets too big to handle

…And many other things. Thatʼs a lot of stuff!

I want to point this out because it is important to recognize our achievements.

Sometimes we get too wrapped up in SEO and article writing and WordPress and AdSense to recognize some of the amazing things we have accomplished. If you have followed through with this course, you can now be proud of your quality website. Even more importantly, you have an incredible skill that you can take with you for the rest ofyour life. You now have the knowledge to build a website and make it profitable – a valuable skill that few people have.

Sure, there are scores of topics that you have yet to master and you may not even understand everything that we have covered yet. So? There are dozens of topics I donʼt understand and I donʼt let that stop me. Forget what you donʼt know, that will come in time. Instead focus on the great progress you have made. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate your accomplishments.

Reaching Your $200 Goal

We are at a point where we can begin to think seriously about our goal of $200 per week. How many visitors this takes will vary from site to site. I do know that it will probably take a little longer than the approximately 3 weeks that your site has been live, however. This is not a path to overnight success, but it is a path that truly WORKS.

The most important element at this point is that your site starts to rank higher and higher in the search engines for itʼs terms. If this doesnʼt happen in one week, or even one month, donʼt be concerned. This can often take 2 or 3 months before you see results. Sometimes Google needs a little bit longer to make sure your site is legitimate and isnʼt just a fly-by-night type of thing. Once they realize that you are in this for the long haul, your site will begin to rank highly and you will start to see a steady stream of traffic. And in this business steady traffic = a steady paycheck.

The Dangers of Losing Your Focus

I know from personal experience just how hard it is to maintain your focus on onewebsite for long periods of time. It seems like there is a virus that infects us internet marketers; as soon as we get knee-deep in a project, we see a shiny object in the distance that we want to start chasing. We are tempted to give up all the progress we have made to chase this new object, or, try to do both at once which is just as bad.

Please donʼt let this happen to you. My friends in this business and I make it one of our most important jobs to keep each other focused on what we are doing. We know all too well (from firsthand experience) how dangerous it can be to lose focus.

Let me give you an example to illustrate my point. You have been working hard on your knitting website, too hard. You become stressed with all the knitting articles and social bookmarks, and link building and everything that goes into your website. Plus, the results havenʼt shown up yet (itʼs only been 2-3 weeks so far). Then you read about this great strategy someone else is using to make $1,000 per week. “Wow!” You think. “$1,000 per week?! I should do that! Plus, this crummy knitting site is too hard.” So you give up your knitting site and chase a new system.

This is the common “grass is greener on the other side” problem. But the grass isn’t really greener. If you become discouraged, that is NOT a reason to give up and start something else. This is simply a sign that you need to take a few days off and come back with a fresh energy ready to continue your work. We have spend almost 11 weeks working on this site and it is probably time for a break. After this lesson, spend a few days away from WordPress and EzineArticles for a few days. Take this time to just chill out.

Revisiting Your Success Techniques

What seems like years ago, back in Lesson 2, I gave you two techniques that will train your mind for success. There is no time where those are more important than now, when we are nearing the END of this course. Itʼs easy to stay motivated for a month or two, but now is when those techniques will become most useful. Do you remember what they are?

Number One. Take 3 index cards and write the same thing on all 3: “I Own a Website That Earns Me $200 Per Week of Extra Income”. Feel free to reword this in a way that makes sense for you. Now, youʼre going to tape these to places that you look often: your car dashboard, bathroom mirror, in the kitchen, next to your computer, etc. Anywhere that you will see them multiple times per day.

Number Two. Take 15 minutes every day and go somewhere where you will not be bothered. Then, close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine that you already make $200 of extra income per week from your website. There will be a number of positive changes. Notice these, see them in your mind. Feel how proud you are of yourself to have created this extra income all on your own. How proud you are to have this new skill. Imagine the checks coming regularly.

I hope that you have continued to do these techniques diligently. If not, there is no time better than now. They will greatly speed up your progress towards success. Plus, they will be even more effective now because you have built momentum and success that you can look back on. You can begin to feel confident and expect success from yourself (i.e. “If I could do all THAT, what can I do next?”).



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