Lesson #16: How to Build Profitable Traffic

Problem: You have a website, you have content and you have ways to make money from it; but you do not have any traffic yet. Solution: A quality marketing strategy that is sure to drive profitable traffic to your site.

This lesson will introduce a few topics and give you a vague outline that will be filled-in throughout the lessons to come. Within 2 weeks, you should have all the skills you need to get your site swarming with visitors!

Playing the Game of Web Marketing

Marketing a website can be a daunting task. There you are, staring at your stat tracker showing a big goose egg and you wonder how the heck you are supposed to get people to your site. I have been there. More than once.

Firstly, it is a process that requires patience. This is due to two things: 1) there is a delay between the work you do and the results you see and 2) the effects are cumulative – they build on top of each other. So if you work diligently for 3 weeks and only see a few visitors, donʼt be dissuaded. Week 4 may give you a big boost and by week 6 your site could have exploded. But if you stop half way, you are dead.

If you take this process too seriously, you WILL lose your mind. Instead, think of it as a If you take this process too seriously, you WILL lose your mind. Instead, think of it as a make you. Think of marketing in terms of a score: you get one point for each new person that visits your site. How big can your score get? Then, it becomes an enjoyable challenge rather than a stressful obligation.

Profitable Vs. Unprofitable Traffic

Before we get too far, I want to introduce a concept that is important to your siteʼs success. Profitable traffic vs. random/unprofitable traffic. They are not created equal. If you have a site on the topic of video games, and most of your traffic is coming from an advertisement on a knitting site, what do you think is the first thing they will do when they visit your site? LEAVE! They have no interest. We would say that these visitors are not targeted.

If you want people to read your content, click on your ads, and purchase the affiliate products you are promoting, you better make sure that they are interested in your topic or you will have no success at all.

The techniques that we employ on our site will be 100% focused on getting you the visitors that matter: those who care about your topic and want to read what you have to offer.

You will hear about many online marketing techniques that promise great results, but I have a ritual that has served me well. When I am considering some marketing technique I ask myself: will this bring me targeted visitors who want to find my content or people who just want to leave? That question will put your entire marketing strategy into perspective. Ten targeted visitors who care about your content are better than hundreds who have no interest.

Notes on Our Marketing Strategy

Web design is something you do once. Filling your site with content is something you do once. Setting up ads is something you do once. But marketing is something you do every single week. If you want your site to climb to the top and stay there, you must be diligent in your marketing efforts.

The most important concept to our marketing strategy is search engines. Our strategy revolves 90% around getting traffic from search engines. Hereʼs why:

  • Search engines are the first place people begin their search on a topic, so naturally that is the place with the most potential visitors.
  • Since people are interested in the topic they are searching for (obviously), when they find your site they will already be targeted and interested in your siteʼs subject.
  • Once you are on the first page for your terms, it is effortless. Visitors come everyday, all day, with no real work on your part (except for regular upkeep).
  • Traffic from search engines is completely free.

Of course, you cannot simply go to Google and let them know that you would like to rank #1 when someone searches for video game reviews, or whatever your siteʼs topic is. Good luck with that. There are certain strategies that will help your site rank higher than others. And the next lesson is entirely devoted to understanding how to get traffic from the search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization).

What you will be doing is working on a series of techniques that help make your site climb higher and higher in Google. That is essentially our entire marketing strategy in a nutshell, and it is a strategy that works.

Personally, I have learned and mastered many marketing techniques, but I typically stick with SEO almost exclusively. Focusing gives you clarity and simplicity. It is too difficult to learn a bunch of new strategies at once and try to put them all into practice. You will be scattered and end up not making any progress anywhere. But if you focus your effort on being positioned highly in Google, you will dominate your niche.

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