Lesson #12: Filling Your Site With Content

Today we will be learning how to fill our barren website with a bunch of fresh, juicy content that our visitors will love! Our goal is to create 20 articles (a few per day for the next 1-2 weeks) and in this lesson we will learn how to create and upload this content to our websites.

Letʼs address one issue right off the bat. I can hear you whining even now: “But Iʼm not a writer….”. Get over it, you are now. If you can write emails to friends, post on message boards or update your Facebook status, you can write the content for your website. If you are still unsure about writing, you can purchase each articles for about $10-15 each. More info about that is listed at the bottom of this lesson.

Overview of the Writing and Posting Process

The process of writing your content is very simple if you keep it organized. I recommend that you write your articles in a Microsoft Word document or something similar. Also, it would be good to create a new folder on your computer to store all of these articles in one place for future reference. Trust me, take this step and keep it organized, you will thank me later.

After that initial setup, simply open up a new Word document and begin writing your article per the guidelines below. Save it often so you do not lose your changes if something happens.

Once the article is complete and fully proofread, you need to post it into WordPress so that it will show up on your website. As with everything in WordPress, this is very simple. Login to your the WordPress admin area, click on Posts > Add New from the left menu. Now simply enter your Title and copy and paste the article content from your document. Then click the blue Publish button on the right. Thatʼs it. Ignore all the other features and options. If you go visit your site, you will see that the article has now been added. Congrats, you just posted your first real article to your website.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit, we first need to learn how to actually writequality articles…

Writing an Article Like a Pro

Letʼs face it, most of the content on the internet is pure trash. There is so much junk floating around that itʼs not even funny. It is rare to find a piece of content that is informative, concise, and noteworthy. Our goal is to make your content truly beneficial to those who read it. Not only will this help them, but they will come back, tell their friends, and be more likely to take an action that will make us money. Quality content pays.

Length – One of the questions I get asked most often is “how long should my articles be?”. There is no definite answer to this question, as it will vary from topic to topic. But my general guideline is that articles should be more than 350 words and less than 800. If they are under 350 you wonʼt be able to accurately explain ANY topic, but if they are over 800 you might as well split it up into two articles and get twice the benefits. If you donʼt know how to check the word count, search Microsoft Word help for this. Or, if you are writing directly into WordPress, the bottom of the content box shows a live word count.

Singular Purpose – It is important that articles do not get too scattered. If you are writing about snorkeling in the Caribbean, try not to get lost in describing the amenities at different beaches, for example. Keep each article laser focused on the topic as muchas you can for best results.

Quality – The funny thing is, quality articles naturally get picked up and noticed up more often. So spending that extra 10 minutes per article to make it outstanding could be the difference between obscurity and tons of traffic to your site. Take the time to write great content!

Donʼt Sweat It – Finally, your articles do not have to be immaculate, Pulitzer-prize-winning pieces. They just need to clearly explain what they are trying to explain. If you keep just this one tip in mind, you will do a great job.


Since learning by example is clearly easier than reading my words, I want to give you some examples of GOOD and BAD article writing.

Winter Vacations:

GOOD: http://www.lifescript.com/Life/Timeout/Travel/Top_Winter_Vacation_Ideas.aspx

BAD: http://ezinearticles.com/?Some-Good-Winter-Vacation-Ideas&id=3930639


GOOD: http://beginners.runnersworld.com/2009/09/how-effective-is-treadmill-runningcompared-to-running-outside.html

BAD: http://ezinearticles.com/?Choosing-to-Buy-a-Portable-Treadmill&id=3768518

Notice the difference? With the bad articles, you canʼt figure out what the heck they are trying to say and they just donʼt make any sense. The good articles clearly describe one point and cover this point thoroughly.

How to Research More Information

Of course, you should have a general knowledge of your siteʼs topic since you picked it. But sometimes when writing your articles you get stuck on a concept that you may not fully understand, or something that you need to research further. This happens to me often when creating my sites. Here I want to give you a quick tip to solve this problem and dramatically speed up your writing time.

Letʼs say you are writing a site about Caribbean Travel (profitable niche) and you decide to write an article about snorkeling in the Caribbean but you know nothing about snorkeling. Not to fear, this strategy will help you write a polished article on the subject like an old pro.

What you want to do is find other articles about this topic. Go to Google and search for the term Caribbean Snorkeling and open a handful of pages that seem to have a lot of content on the topic.

Doing a test with this myself, I found at least 10 quality articles on the subject in under 30 seconds. Now we would reference these in writing our own article. At this time I want to make it clear that you are NOT plagiarizing these articles or even copying all of their concepts. You are simply doing research. One article may talk about the top 10 places to go Snorkeling, and you could quickly write a paragraph that looks like this:

“Vacationers often find Beach 1, Beach 2, and Beach 3 to be the top snorkeling destinations. They particularly like the clear waters in …. and the white sand in …” This way, you have crafted a very complete (and accurate) article in just a few minutes by referencing a handful of different articles. This is one of my favorite secrets that has allowed me to build many niche sites even on topics that I know very little about (which I do not recommend by the way, remember the issue of passion?).

TIP: Even if you already know enough about your topic but want to speed up the process, use this strategy for all of your articles. Find a handful of other sources, gather their information and write a complete 350+ word article on the topic in just a few minutes.

Purchasing Content

After reading all of this, if you choose not to write your own content, that is totally fine. There have been plenty of times in my business where I do not have the time or energy to write my own content and I have hired someone else to do it for me. You can find quality writers online and hire them to write articles like the ones mentioned above.

Where do you find the writers? My recommendation is to use a site called oDesk, they have over 500,000 freelancers looking for work and the site makes it super easy to find the right one, monitor their work, pay them and more.

Plus, itʼs extremely cheap, you can find someone to write articles for less than $10 each, saving you a great deal of time and energy.

When you visit the oDesk link below you will see thousands of writers. You can click to individual profiles to see their previous work. Make sure you find someone that has proven they can write quality articles. Then, contact them (you need to register for a free account) to describe what you need and see if they might be able to help. Plus, once youʼve found a quality writer you can keep working with them again and again. Click here to find writers on oDesk:


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