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20Mar Save Time with a “Ready-Made” Business

Save Time with a “Ready-Made” Business I’m always on the lookout for new income streams that can generate profits without a lot of work. So are other affiliate marketers. Here are two emails that I received just recently… Dear Rosalind: Is there any affiliate work you can start without having a web site and just […]

17Mar Types of Affiliate Programs to Avoid

Types of Affiliate Programs to Avoid As an affiliate marketer of Internet dating services, I’m always on the lookout for good quality dating sites and products to offer my single visitors. Merchants help me out when they let me know about their new products and affiliate programs. I was therefore thrilled when one of my […]

07Mar Google Adsense: An Alternative to Product Sales

Google Adsense: A Lucrative Alternative to Product Sales Google’s AdSense is a quick and easy way to generate revenue from a content-rich website. It all starts with Google Adwords, in which advertisers pay Google and Yahoo to have their ads appear next to search results. For example, as you can see in the graphic below, […]

07Mar How to Choose Products & Affiliate Programs

How to Choose Products & Affiliate Programs 5 Easy Ways to Assess a Product or Service This is the most important aspect of the process. There’s no point in examining affiliate program details until you find a product that you know your visitors will love. Here are five things to consider before you place a […]

07Mar How to Find Merchants with Stand-Alone or ‘In-House’ Affiliate Programs

How to Find Merchants with Stand-Alone or ‘In-House’ Affiliate Programs Can’t find a merchant that sells Barbie doll supplies and accessories through an affiliate program? Looked at the affiliate networks and directories and still no luck? Here’s a search technique that will help you locate exactly what you are looking for. In this case, go […]

06Mar Basics and Tools For Affiliate Marketing Business

Setting Up Shop Basic Knowledge Do you feel a little overwhelmed by all that you need to learn? Fear not! Affiliate marketing on the Internet isn’t rocket science. You don’t need an MBA or other degree to succeed in an online business. If you know how to access the Web, as well as send and […]

06Mar Overview of the Affiliate Business-Building Process

Overview of the Affiliate Business-Building Process It’s always easier to tackle a big project, when you break it down into manageable steps. Taken step-by-step, you’ll soon find that you’re making money on the Web! Here are the 5 basic steps involved in building an affiliate business. •     Market Research – What will your site be about? […]

06Mar 15 Fabulous Reasons to Affiliate

15 Fabulous Reasons to Affiliate There are HUGE benefits to promoting affiliate programs with your own home- based Internet business. Let’s look at 15 of the best. 1.   No Production Costs – The cost to develop and produce a new product is prohibitive for almost anyone who wants to start a home-based business. With affiliate […]

06Mar Affiliating vs. Reselling

Affiliating vs. Reselling Many new Internet marketers mistakenly use the terms ‘affiliate’ and ‘reseller’ interchangeably and do not know the difference between affiliating and reselling. To set the record straight, I compare and contrast the two marketing methods below. o Cost to Join – Affiliate programs are FREE to join, whereas resellers must BUY products […]

06Mar How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

How Do Affiliate Programs Work? An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant in which the affiliate earns a commission for referring sales and/or leads to the merchant’s online store. Affiliate programs are also known as associate, referral and bounty programs. From a merchant’s perspective, partnering with affiliates is an inexpensive marketing strategy […]