4 Ways to Make Money Online By Selling

Make Money Online:  Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

“MTurk” as its commonly called is a great and very simple way to make money online. The tasks outlined for you to do with the service are simple and only take a few seconds to a minute to complete. You won’t be making money hand over fist, but if you’re ever in a bind and need some spending cash or gas money, then Mechanical Turk will come in handy. You can sign-up for free and after you complete their qualification process you’ll begin to earn access to higher- paying tasks.

Make Money Online By Selling stock photos.

iStockPhoto is only one place where you can sell stock photos and this is not the only place. Before you commit to uploading everything you have, see what is actually selling and find items in the same category. iStockPhoto is great if you know how to render images because the most widely seen images were probably made on the computer. Get three great stock pictures ready to be looked at by iStockPhoto when you are ready to sign up because they will want them.

Make Money Online Selling stuff on eBay.

The place to start is selling anything you deem as “extra” around your house.  Once you’ve done this, you can start visiting the “nice” neighborhoods around your city to find potential customers. The key here is getting to know what you can sell and what you can’t sell.  Many electronics, such as computers, have the potential to bring in lots of revenue as long as you have the skills to get rid of the data from its previous owner.  If you can, it is recommended that you sign a contract that states that you will earn at least 25% of the earnings from selling the item. This will work well for both parties considering your customers will be delighted to get paid to get rid of their old junk and clutter from their houses and you earn good income from the profits of selling things for them.  Just click here to sign-up for eBay.

Make Money Online as a freelance article writer.

You’re probably not going to make all the money in the world doing this, but you will have a relatively easy time finding work, writing mini articles and then submitting them to various clients via article directories.  Clients can range from small business owners to bloggers, and you have a choice of either sticking to a specific niche and then selling a whole bunch of your articles to a set group of clients, or going with a per/instruction basis.  If you are planning on writing your own articles and then selling, you need to learn about keyword research, but this really isn’t overly complicated. You can look for work on eLance, WarriorForum, and WickedFire.

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